Position Descriptions


The Executive Committee is composed of the President, Vice President, Director of Government Affairs, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Director of Membership, Treasurer, Secretary. The role of this committee is to review policy, and address issues brought to the Committee concerning the day-to-day operations of the Chamber. All actions of the Executive Committee, except those that are routine, are brought to the full board for considerations.


The President manages the entire organization in a successful manner and provides leadership by
supporting other Charitable Organizations in the community and coordinating youth leadership programs. The President enhances operational activities using technology throughout the organization. This individual is instrumental in encouraging volunteer involvement within the Chamber.


The Vice President will take an active role in leading Board and General meetings. Vice President along with the President shall lead Board discussions and voting on matters before the board in the same manner as other board members. One primary function of the Vice-President is to coordinate the efforts of the Chamber Committees and special projects. The Vice-President is responsible for reporting sub-committee information to the Board. The Vice-President must provide monthly updates on the sub-committees and more frequently if efforts necessitate.


The Director of Public Relations and Marketing will provide a vehicle for the distribution of information
about the chamber to its members and the public at large. It will work closely with the Board to develop a
multi-level program to ensure the publication of announcements and information. Help expand and
modernize communication programs and media. He or she will create marketing tools for membership
sales identifications; and determining unique messages for individual target segments. He or she will lead efforts for Chamber Scholarship Fundraising.


The Director of Membership directs recruitment and retention of Chamber members; to develop and monitor services and benefits for members. The Director of Membership will also create programs and provide activities that will increase Chamber membership and add measurable value to Chamber membership investments.


The Director of Government Affairs Committee will review local, state and federal legislation that
affects the business community and membership, and then make recommendations to the Board to either support or oppose those pieces of pending legislation. Roselle Chamber will sponsor a business climate and create an environment for local businesses to prosper, and support policies that protect business interests which will allow them to compete, expand, and provide hiring opportunity to local residence.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for the safeguarding of all funds received by the Corporation and for their proper disbursement. Such funds shall be kept on deposit in a financial institution approved by the Board of Directors or invested in a manner approved by the Board Treasurer. The Treasurer shall present a monthly financial report to the Board and to the members of the chamber four times per year. The Treasurer will assist the President in developing an annual budget.


The Secretary ensures that accurate documentation of the chamber exists to meet legal requirements.
Enable authorized persons to determine when, how, and by whom the board’s business was conducted.
Submit various reports to and for the board. Fulfill any requirements of the President and Directors and
performs other duties as the need arises or defined in the bylaws. Records minutes at meetings, ensure
their accuracy and availability, policies and practices. Collaborate on preparation of Board meeting
agendas, special Projects.


The Roselle Chamber Ambassadors are volunteers and special projects coordinators that serve as representatives of the Roselle Chamber. Their primary function is to provide information to members, act as a liaison between the Chamber membership and the Board of Directors and provide publicity for the Chamber.